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             Ellen Vaughn Simonin, RPT, APC, M.Ed.



                         1. To partner with chiropractors and other wellness business owners to help teach                                                   their clients ways to be more responsible and proactive with their health.

                         2.  To provide antioxidant scanning to individuals who are concerned about their health, but                                    especially to chiropractors and other wellness business owners who want to provide a                                      nutritional component to their serve their current clients better, and attract                                    new business by setting themselves apart from the competition. 

1964 – 1966    Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho, majoring in Physical Education

1966 – 1968    University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, completed pre-med studies

1968 – 1969    University of Colorado Medical Center, Denver, Colorado, B.S. in
                        Physical Therapy, and licensed to practice in the state of California

1978               California State Real Estate School; Century 21 Real Estate School

2000 - 2001     Acupressure Institute, Berkeley, California, Certified as an Acupressure
2004 – 2006    University of Phoenix Online: Masters degree in Curriculum Development
                        and Adult Education 


1969 – 1971       Fairfield and Vacaville Physical Therapy: private practice outpatient, homecare, and  

                           skilled nursing: staff PT

1971 – 1978       Solano County Health Department, California Children’s Services department (CCS): 

                           neurodevelopment physical therapy: staff PT

1978 – 1981       Century 21 American Properties: Associate, Real Estate Sales

1981 – 1985       Fairfield Physical Therapy: Private practice outpatient and inpatient settings: staff PT

1985 – 2012       NorthBay Medical Center: outpatient, inpatient, homecare, hospice and pediatric 

                           PT: staff PT and instructor of in-service training and workshops in integrative healthcare, 

                           including Acupressure Therapy, and other subjects.

2000 – 2003    Burger Rehab Systems: Rehab Coordinator at Laurel Creek Health Center for 

                           skilled nursing inpatient rehab and outpatient PT, while staying “on call” with NorthBay                                       Medical Center Health at Home and Hospice.

2012 - Present - Independent Representative for NuSkin/Pharmanex, answering the question: "How do you                               know your diet and supplements are working for your health?"

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