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Acupressure for Weight Loss and Long Term Management

Have you "tried everything" to lose weight with no success? Have you lost weight only to have it come back? With all the information out there, what really works? What is safe? What is evidence-based?


Dieting alone is not enough to effectively lose weight. It does not address the causes of how food addictions, obsessions, yearnings and cravings, and being under stress can worsen eating disorders.


The postures, movements, and stretches of acupressure activate specific points to release the flow of healing energy to balance your appetite, digestive system, and compulsive urges to eat.   


Self-Acupressure is also effective for healing your body's self-image and restoring trust in its awareness.It enables you to be more in touch with your body and the messages it's sending you. It cultivates a greater awareness and wisdom for developing a natural intuition about when and what to eat.

Time Frame: 1 - 2 Hours



                 Pre- and Post-workshop questionnaires

                PowerPoint Presentation

                Take-home handouts

                Group discussion and lab

                List of References and resources

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